love spells magicMaterials Required:

A candle – purple in color
A firm candle holder
A sharp needle
Sandalwood oil
Rose petal of any color
A quartz crystal
A bell (silver)
A drawstring pouch


This spell should be performed only on a full moon night. Place yourself in a position where you receive the maximum light of the moon. Carve your name on the candle by means of the needle. Next rub sandalwood oil on the candle especially over your name. Then rub the sandalwood oil over the rose petal. As you do this you have to imagine that you are bringing peace and harmony into your life.

Place the candle firmly in the holder and set it exactly at the center of the chosen position. You may cast an imaginary circle around yourself to determine the center. Kneel down beside the candle and hold the quartz crystal in your right hand. Now your primary focus has to be drawing all the love that you need into your life. Then place the crystal on the rose petal which has been coated with the oil.

Next ring the silver bell four times. Each time summon the forces of nature: Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. Light the candle and recite the following spell:

“Holy Gods resting on the Moon above
Bring unto me my one and only love”

Repeat the spell nine times.

Allow the candle to burn completely before you end the spell. Convert the quartz piece into a piece of jewelry and wear it on your person. Carry the candle end and the rose petal in the drawstring pouch for good luck.

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